Please note that under Louisiana Law, no suite may begin until the advance payment amount has been secured by the Court. Once the Court has received the advance, you will be contacted.

The below Schedule of Fees is a guide to basic filing fees.  The Court will give you the exact amount of fees due at the time of filing your case.  You will be given an invoice showing the final fee at the conclusion of your case.


Advanced Filing Fee Schedule


Filing of or Services Rendered Deposit


  New Suit $100.00 $20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Eviction $100.00 $20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Reconventional Demand $80.00  
  Writ of Execution $40.00 $20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Appointment of Keeper $60.00 Plus Storage Cost
  Writ of Sequestration $30.00 20.00 (per additional defendant)
  Writ of Attachment 30.00 10.00 (per additional defendant)
  Motion and Order to Show Cause 60.00 20.00 (per additional defendant)
  Petition to make Judgment 60.00 20.00 Executory (per additional defendant)
  Reconventional Third Party Demand Cross Claim: Intervention 30.00 20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Writ of Fieri Facias 60.00 20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Garnishment 60.00

20.00 (per additioal defendant) Plus $15.00(per attorney answering)

  Garnishment Service on Financial Institution 40.00 20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Interrigatories to be Served 40.00 20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Motion for New Trial 40.00 20.00 (per additional party)
  Petition for Deficiency 11.50 40.00 = 1st defendant

20.00 per additional defendant.
  Reissuance of Citation and Petition 40.00 20.00 (per additioal defendant)
  Request for Admissions to be Served 40.00 20.00 (per additioal party)
  Rule to Show Cause 40.00 20.00 (per additional party)
  Supplemental or Amended 30.00 20.00 (per additional party)
  Motion to Amend Judgment 30.00 20.00 (per additional party)
  Motion for Summary Judgment 40.00 20.00 (per additional defendant)
  Judgment Debtor Rule 40.00 20.00 (per additional defendant)

   Any motion not listed 30.00  






Miscellaneous Court Costs

 Filing of or Service Rendered Deposit
   Title Search (OMV) 60.00   
   Subpoena 40.00
(per party served) 
  Service of Judgment  40.00
(per party served) 
  Private Process Server  40.00
(per party served) 
  Act of Congress  11.00  10.00
(per additional party) 
  Certified Copies  1.00
(per page) 
  Copies of Prepared Transcript  .50
(per page) 
   Audio Copies of Proceeding 5.00
(per tape or case) 
  Preparation of Transcript  1.00
(per page) 
  Motion or Petition for Appeal  20.00   
  Additional Service of Process  40.00
(per service) 
  Documents by Certified Mail  5.00
(or actual cost if more) 
  FAX  5.00
  District Court Filing Fee  40.00
(per suit)